Example and Wiley announced as Pangaea headliners

The Neverline lineup will have you hooked

Pangaea have announced a big lineup no one could have predicted.

At the top of this September’s bill is  Example, breaking away from the house-heavy and disco Pangeas of times gone by for the Peter Pan themed blowout.

Example is closely followed by everyone’s favourite ringtone artists in ’08 -Wiley and H ‘Two’ O, another throwback to your Motorola Razr days.

Last summers lineup boasted Sister Sledge

Most of Wiley’s biggest and most memorable hits actually pre-date this year’s freshers going to secondary school.

Old school garage legends So Solid Crew are also making a shock appearance, even though they haven’t released an album in over 10 years.

Third year criminology student Lizzie was over the moon: “I’m gutted that I’ve got more than 21 seconds to go ’til Pangaea.”

Third year Laura was equally excited: “I’m gonna wear my rolex.”

Fingers crossed for an inflatable pirate ship

 Opinions are divided though, with some unhappy to see the rise of club bangers like Example over classics like Sister Sledge who headlined last summer’s disco apocalypse themed event.

Second year English student Tom said: “I haven’t heard Example since my year 11 prom. This isn’t what we pay for, Pangaea is meant to be a bit different.”

This all said, the tickets have already flown out, with only a final release of 100 yet to be sold before they’re completely gone.

View the full lineup here: