Thirsty freshers will spend over £2 million in their first week

And you thought it was cheaper up north

Thirsty freshers are set to spend a whopping £2,280,000 during Freshers in Manchester this year.

From the 19th of September, around 8,000 thrill-seeking newbies will flock to Manchester for nine days of fresher chaos.

From your very first hangover induced Chester’s, to your outrageous Pangaea costumes, freshers’ week promises to be pricey.

During an overwhelming and daunting first week exists a few key essentials for survival:

                                                                 Approximate Costs

Fresher’s Wristband                                           £50

Pre Drinks                                                             £20

Drinks in the club                                                £60

Weekly Food Shop                                              £30

Takeaways                                                             £5

Society Memberships                                        £100

Fancy Dress                                                          £20


Over 9 days 8,000 freshers will end up spending a whopping £2,280,000, a colossal figure which will prove to foreshadow an all round expensive first year in Manchester.

2nd year Mackenzie said: “I remember my first nights out in Manchester were massively overpriced and the basics vodka from pre drinks tasted like paint stripper”.

2nd year Bekki said: “My first weekly shop at uni was a nightmare, I managed to spend over 50 quid!”

Jack, an incoming fresher revealed, “My first takeaway in Fallowfield was a Krunchy Fried Chicken, Chicken Dinner. For a fiver I got chicken which tasted like body odour”.

2nd year Adam reveals the pains of freshers’ week spending: “I spent obscene amounts on a costume that was uncomfortable and I’m never gonna bloody wear again!”