Cranky council will be shutting down ‘noisy’ freshers’ week house parties

The fun police are back

Greater Manchester Police and the council are trying to warn us away from freshers’ week house parties as they crack down on noise.

In an attempt to put a downer on the best week of the year, the killjoys are shutting down any noisy parties.

None of that

The uni are also getting involved in the operation in which they plan to focus on 10 Fallowfield roads where there have been an “unacceptably high” number of complaints in recent years.

To no one’s surprise, the streets on their naughty list are Amhurst Road, Egerton Road, Granville Road, Derby Road, Wellington Road, Clifton Avenue, Beech Grove, Brook Road, Victoria Road, Egerton Road and Mauldeth Road, which have all been blasted for hosting “out-of-control house parties”.

The legend that once was

Students living on these roads have supposedly been warned that loud parties will not be tolerated and the council will use its powers to ruin the fun.

Second year James, who has just moved into an eight man on Derby Road, told The Tab: “I wish they would just let me get my groove on.

“We signed for our house on the basis that it would host some solid parties and now it looks like that’s out of the question.”

Equally outraged, third year Naomi said: “Why have freshers’ at all if you’re gonna stop us having fun?”

R.I.P. fun and laughter

Trying to justify their decision, GMP’s Chief Inspector Steve McFarlane described the impact of student parties on the wider community.

He said: “On average they are getting 100 students in a property and students are even employing door staff. They have huge speakers belting out the music.

“They are too big and attract drug dealers circulating in the area. The drug dealing is totally opportunistic – word gets around and they try and chance their arm.”

Coming to a Fallowfield street near you

Chief Insp McFarlane added: “90 per cent of students are well behaved. It’s a small few living in bigger properties which lend themselves as a good party venue.

“We try to deal with parties by way of advice but the laws are there to close them down if we need to.”