Can you describe Manchester style in one word?

Please don’t say edgy

Vibesy, grungey, hipster, trendy- there’s heaves of words you could use to sum up the quintessentially manc style. No outfit is too outrageous in Fallowfield, so we asked some well-dressed people to use one word to sum up their uni’s style.

Raphael and Collins, 3rd year computing students, described Manchester style as ‘different, everybody has their own personal style’.

Joanna, third year marketing student, said the majority was ‘largely hipster’.

Ivy, second year economics student, believes student style is ‘quirky and fickle’.

Final year accounting student Hassan described our style as ‘edgy’.

Steve also said ‘edgy garms’ whilst Benjamin claimed there was ‘alot of pyjamas’ out and about.

Matt and George emphasised what Raphael previously said claiming ‘unique’ and ‘individual’.

Lauren thought Fallowfield style in particular is ‘slightly eccentric’.