Crafty Curry Mile store fined thousands for selling ‘lamb’ mince made of beef

They’ve got beef with the council

Manchester Superstore were fined a huge £20k after being found guilty of food fraud for selling “lamb” mince that was made almost entirely out of beef.

Representatives for the huge supermarket on the Curry Mile failed to show up for their trial at Manchester Magistrates’ court which resulted in the hefty fine.

The business had been caught after a load of checks across Manchester in 2014 in the aftermath of the dodgy horse meat fiasco.

They were fined £20k for ‘food fraud’


Having visited numerous food stores, Manchester food sanitation workers sent off samples of meat for laboratory testing and further examinations.

In this investigation, they discovered “lamb” taken from one of our favourite Curry Mile takeaways was in fact 28 per cent beef.

However, the blame for this was saddled to their supplier, Manchester Superstore, where environmental health officers discovered “lamb” mince containing a whopping 80 per cent beef.

The shop is a cheap favourite for students on the Curry Mile

Despite the owners of the Curry Mile store denying all the allegations being made, they have officially been found guilty of “food fraud”.

But it seems the scandalous shop won’t give up as mince tested on another visit in late August last year showed the “lamb” mince contained a second intruder, consisting of 50 per cent beef and one per cent chicken.

Disgusted and shocked at the findings, second year and regular Manchester Superstore shopper Joe told The Tab: “It’s revolting, who knows what else goes in there?

“I used to shop there because it’s cheaper than Sainsbury’s but now I see why it’s cheaper, I won’t be going back.”

Third year Hollie also commented, saying: “It’s not a surprise!”