Madchester is a top five UK party uni

The Guardian said we know our stuff

Manchester has come out top in yet another ranking after the Guardian labelled us one of the top five cities for uni nightlife in the UK.

We’ve got more nobel prize winners than you can shake a stick at, we’re second in the country for music and China recently glorified us for being extra clever, proving that you can, in fact, have it all.

We luv 2 party

We luv 2 party

Grouped together with Leeds, Glasgow, Bristol and London, Manchester is included in the The Guardian’s top pick of the UK’s five best university cities for having a good time. Dubbed a “magnet for music heads”, it’s no wonder that at Manchester we’re known for having a good old boogie.

With ravers flocking from all over to their Mecca that is Warehouse Project and the “world’s best club”, Sankeys it’s no surprise that so many pick Manchester as their second home city.

Ravin n misbehavin

This recognition isn’t a first for Madchester though as last year, the Which? University Student Survey placed us second for all things party, acknowledging that our ridiculous nightlife is “second to none”.

Talking to The Guardian about his love for playing in Manchester, T Williams said: “People still genuinely come out to dance and have a good time.

“No one’s there with their phones out, they’re out because they know their stuff.”

The quinoa-quaffers at The Guardian also gave some handy tips for surviving the Manchester scene. WHP founder Sacha Lord-Marchionne unsurprisingly said: “We strongly advise that students don’t look at any other sites, other than official ones on our website. Sadly, we have experienced people being duped into buying fakes,”

But it’s not just the DJs who flock to Manchester for the party scene, history fresher Holly said: “It doesn’t surprise me that Madchester’s been crowned for having a good time, it’s sick.”

Similarly, second year Charlie told The Tab: “You really can’t complain when a night consists of 2 for £5 wine, Gold Teeth and a bang.”