Say hello to Manchester’s newest freshers

This used to be you

Congrats to all the soon-to-be Freshers for getting into the self proclaimed greatest university in the country.

Results are in and come September we will be seeing fresh faces around campus. We can all remember the nervous excitement the month before we started.

These guys haven’t had a chance to learn that nothing on Freshers was worth getting out of bed for other than Pangea but lets get acquainted with this year’s bright-eyed freshers before all-nighters,9 AMs and dodgy kebabs break their fragile spirits.

what a legend

He’s going places

We will see if he feels the same after a 5 AM fire alarm

Guys pls help x

Coming to a smoking area near you

Meet the guy who visited his mates for WHP last year and cant wait to “sort everyone out” on opening night

Nah legit we wont even be in our rooms except when we sleep #Yolo

Amen to that !

Does the hungover bus to morning lectures count as an adventure?

Comes hoping to read Marxist literature. Ends up reading The Tab, the same as everybody else

We all know and hate this guy.