Disturbing amount of ginger targeted crimes reported to Greater Manchester Police

More and more gingers are becoming victims of crime in Manchester

The Greater Manchester Police have released information showing the extent of abuse towards gingers.

The report revealed that 70 crimes towards redheads have been reported in Manchester over 36 months.

An eight year old girl playing in the street was among the many people abused for their hair colour over the last three years.

She was called a “fucking little ginger bitch” by a passing driver.

Second year Fia has experienced the abuse

Despite not being a hate crime category, shocking levels of ginger abuse have been recorded, including one victim threatened over Facebook: “I’m going to fucking petrol bomb your house you motherfucking anorexic ginger bitch.”

Many other victims were abused through facebook, one reported being called a “ginger ugly piece of shit.”

Frances received verbal abuse because of her hair colour

The information shows the abuse was also directed at the GMP officers themselves, whilst searching an offender one officer reported being spat at and called a “ginger fucking wanker”.

Fresher and fellow ginge Frances, 18, is too familiar with the haters:“I have experienced verbal abuse due to my hair colour, knocking my self-confidence.”

Second year Fia has noticed the abuse since dying her hair red: “Since dying my hair ginger drunk guys come up to me and ask if the carpet matches the drapes. Also, a lot of people like to pull on it in clubs.”