I put fridge leftovers on my face

It didn’t make a difference


Nuts, avocado, yoghurt, beetroot – these middle class snacks have become “beauty saviours” you can put on your face instead of in your mouth.

Beauty bloggers tell us to forget expensive creams and slather our face, legs and privates with something organic for youthful, glowing skin to make us the envy of Femail readers everywhere.

But what would happen if you were to ravage through the fridge and put everything you find there on your face? What if you put them on, all at once?

Baring in mind my mum hadn’t been shopping for a week, the regime went as follows.

The only beauty supplies you need.


The brilliance of honey and its power to transform your skin has been preached about for years. But here is the issue: Manuka Honey, aka the stuff that actually “works” is about £40+ for a small jar. Not having that cash to throw around, I went for basics, and it was shit. Apparently you can just rub it on your face for 15 minutes to get rid of any skin woes.

OR make your own sugar lip scrub:

– 1 Tablespoon of sugar

– A drop of Honey (Apparently so magical you only need a drop)

DIY Lip Scrub

Definitely something to only use inside

Kylie Jenner Level of pouts

Verdict: 6/10. This was just a very sticky experience. You need a lot more honey than just a drop and when you do put it on both your hands and lips are sticky and clumpy with sugar. Despite this, my lips did feel slightly softer so it wasn’t a complete waste of time.


Beauty experts claim that yoghurt is the busy-body of the natural beauty product world, it can be used in pretty much everything. Just remember that wherever you put it is going to smell like sour gone off milk for the rest of the day. I tried mixing it with some crushed up nuts to make a hand scrub.

Beauty savior or breakfast?

Not ideal for on the go hand hydration

Looks and smells weird

Verdict: 1/10. This was by far the worst of everything I tried. It didn’t do anything, smelt awful and crushing up the nuts was impossible. I would never do this again, based on the smell alone.


This is the classic beauty-from-the-fridge product. I attempted to make a face mask with it mashed up with some honey (Oh yay, time for more of nature’s sticky wonder).

Ready to ‘wave goodbye to dry skin’

Its okay to miss your mouth now

Ripe avocados highly recommended

Verdict: 5/10. The whole experience just felt like I didn’t know how to make guacamole. The avocado has to be extremely ripe and I would say you would need at least 2 or 3 to actually cover your entire face in a thick enough coat to work. My face did not feel any less dry and again, it was a sticky experience, where the avocado and honey stuck to everywhere but my face.


Every Fresher’s dream beauty product as it is the thing you are most likely to have in the house. I was excited for this one as I had heard loads of good things about how beer does wonders for your hair.

If feeling brave (like I was) wash it through your hair for silky smooth locks. It smells bad.

Alternative: have a drunk friend pour their drink over you


You will never be prepared for how intense the smell is

Waiting for the beer magic to happen

Prepare for your bath to look like the end of an interesting night out

Verdict: 2/10. This was just an all round horrible experience. The smell reminded me of bad nights out and having drinks spilt all over you. Again, it was sticky (seems to be a common trait) and not very practical, as I couldn’t go anywhere without dripping beer all over the house. When I could finally wash it off there was absolutely no change. My hair just smelt awful, I was haunted by memories of nights that I had tried to forget, and had to go through the pain of washing my hair again straight afterwards.

Overall, my quest through the fridge concluded that the beauty world lies to us. Sure, try them but in the end it is probably cheaper and a lot less stressful (and sticky) to just go to the high street and buy actual skincare.