Manchester’s weirdest 999 calls in 24 hours

One caller tried to order a pizza


A roundup of the strangest responses from 999 callers.

On 14th October last year, the Greater Manchester Police tweeted every single incident as it happened for 24 hours.

In that time, they received and reported 2560 calls. The number of resolved incidents stood at 200 by 9am had been resolved, with 74 offenders in custody before we had even had our morning brew.

However, among the expected and genuine calls, including a burglary in student accommodation, a handful of 999 callers stood out for their unique fatuity.

These included reports of a missing garden gnome, pizza orders and a grandma dobbing in her grandchildren for not doing their homework.

It’s the sound of the police


Here’s ten of the weirdest 999 calls received in those 24 hours:

  1. A caller sighted suspicious man, who turned out to be simply en route for the bus.
  2.  A fuming man called to report his garden gnome as lost.
  3. They also had a pair of glasses reported as stolen, the confused man called back later to say he had found them.
  4.  A member of the public called to report their tubes of lube as lost.
  5. A grandma called to report her grandchildren for not doing their homework.
  6. Someone called up to report a missing person…who was in prison.
  7.  One hungry man even called to order a pizza.
  8.  Another old man called just for a friendlly chat.
  9. An “Abusive” man called, shouted “come get me” and hung up
  10. Two men were reported entering a house, raiding their mum’s fridge and leaving again.

View the infographic here.