Class of 2015: The sassiest graduation gowns



Graduation gowns: generally big, puffy cloaks that make us feel like we belong in Hogwarts.

Whether it be fur, monochrome, bright colours or a mixture of all three, these gowns are in an extremely sassy league of their own. Almost sassy enough to make you consider transferring uni.


Sassy pose optional

The gown just increases your own innate sassiness

The combination of fur and bright colours means that it doesn’t even matter what you are wearing underneath, as everyone is going to be lusting after your gown.


Sassy AND thoughtful

Looking dapper in fur

Monochrome is a secret sass weapon and when fur gets involved it’s even better. Also, it’s a blank canvas for whatever fabulous outfit you want to wear underneath.


As bold as it gets

Work it girl!

Nothing says fierce like a bold red and black contrast, and UWE is nailing it with their attention grabbing number.


This gown is so sassy that Benedict Cumberbatch will want you

Or cap throwing will be made far more colourful

Yellow and purple may not scream sass at first, but you have to give them credit for going bold.


On point monochrome

Sassy Selfies

For Kent, it’s a secret kind of sass. The grey on black monochrome is so plain that grads can wear whatever they want underneath without clashing.


Strike a pose


Red shoes looking amazing

These gowns prove that colour can improve anything, turning a grey graduation day into a bright and sassy affair with their blue sashes.

Overall, you’re bound to look sassy as hell in whatever you’re wearing, because its graduation day and you’re officially an adult.

These gowns are just a fabulous enhancement on that.