The most overused words of a Londoner

Nothing about apples and pears

When you’re lost for words, everyone has a go-to phrase that fills the gap. It might not make sense, you might not even know you’re using it, but we all do it.

We went out on a rainy day to ask what fills the awkward silences on the streets of London.

“Let me think about that”

Jason said: “I’d say ‘um’ is definitely the one I use the most.”

Mary Poppins has the answer

Bonita said: “Um… I use ‘like’ all the time, and ‘um’ I guess!”

Did he accidentally step in some?

Lewis said: “‘Shit’. It’s like a reflex response.”

Absolutely loves coffee

Amelia said: “I always say ‘I absolutely love’ things, even if I don’t.”

Fair player

Tim said: “‘Sweet’, ‘fuck’, and ‘fair play’, but not all at once.”

Literally wearing sunglasses in the rain

Daisy said: “Probably things like ‘like’, ‘um’, and ‘literally’.”

Totally interesting t-shirt

Mark said: “I say ‘totally’ all the time. Totally.”

Liz said: “‘Reeaaaaally?’ That’s the one I always say.”

Triple threat

Emily: “All three of us use ‘uh’ and ‘er’ for everything.”

Jack: “I’m forever using ‘genuinely’, I don’t know where I picked it up.”

Party in the USA

Harry said: “I’m far too American, so things like ‘hell yeah!'”

Literally the best sandwich he has ever had

Pete said: “I overuse ‘literally’ so much. And ‘like’, like, literally every other word.”

It’s worth noting every single person’s answer started with “um…” without even realising. There’s your answer.