Woman seriously ill in hospital after drinking poppers at Parklife

Her condition is ‘serious but stable’


A Parklife reveller is in hospital after DRINKING poppers at the festival this weekend. 

The 26-year-old was among five people who fell ill after shotting the legal high.

She is still in hospital and her condition has been described as “serious but stable”. The others have been discharged.

Police have confiscated over 400 bottles from the festival, sold by vendors and labelled as “Liquid Gold”.

Poppers cause a head rush effect when sniffed, but can be lethal if ingested.

On-site medical staff were told to look for “blue colouring around the mouth and fingers” to spot potential Popper ingestion.

Chief Inspector Gary Simpson said: “We are now extremely concerned that people are drinking Poppers and this poses a significant risk to life and would urge anyone using, or considering using them or any ‘legal high’ to cease from doing so immediately, before it’s too late.

“Anyone who has consumed any of these substances is urged to seek medical help immediately.

“We are investigating the sale of these Poppers and I want to stress the seriousness of selling or distributing ‘legal highs’ and warn people that we will not tolerate it.”

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News, a Parklife spokeswoman said: “As with many festivals across the UK, Poppers were on sale at Parklife Festival.

“The festival will not be selling these any more. The safety and well-being of festival attendees is of the highest importance to the festival. Safety messaging was relayed on social media and screens at the festival.”