Meet the second years putting on a dank set at Parklife

And what exactly are you doing this weekend?

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Student night Rehoused, created by Business student Tom Canning and second year Finn Lurcott, has only been running nights at Koh Tao since February.

But now they’re joining the likes of Wu-Tang Clan and Fatboy Slim by putting on a set at this weekend’s Parklife Festival, not to mention having a set at Pangaea tomorrow.

Which begs the question, what have you been doing all this year?

Applauding Finn

We caught up with Tom Canning, one half of the collective, to chat about Rehoused’s beginnings, how their Parklife slot happened and what you can expect from them in the future.

Tom and Finn, who met through their promoting for Bass Face and Full Moon, came up with the idea of putting on a house night in Fallowfield last year.

“Koh Tao appeared and it’s ran by the guy who runs Bass Face, so I had a conversation with him, a conversation with Finn and thought let’s do a night”.

“We both think there’s a market for house music; we both like house music so we just thought let’s put on a house night, get some DJs and roughly go from there.”

Tom looking cool

Since then they’ve hosted frequent nights at Koh Tao and even held a hugely popular vintage clothing sale. Yet Tom is modest about their Parklife slot.

“James the guy that owns Bass Face now, he recommended people, also Parklife want to get local brands represented.”

So what can you expect from their Sunday set? “We’re just going to play to the crowd, we’re going to play stuff that we enjoy, see how the crowd reacts and try and show our brand off as much as possible.”

They do clothes too

Surprisingly though, it’s not any of the countless house or techno acts that Tom’s most looking forward to at Parklife.

“Wu-Tang Clan, that’s who I’m really looking forward to. Parklife is great but everything is the same type of music, it’s all house and techno, the Wu-Tang Clan brings something a bit different.”

Looking suave

For now though they’re just excited for the weekend, and Tom has a unique tip for avoiding losing your mates there. “Some of my friends were suggesting getting walkie-talkies just so that you can keep with them.”

“It’s the end of the year; you’re not going to see people for like two months at least, have a good time, everyone’s there for a good time, so if someone barges into you don’t be a dick”

Taking the oversized look to the next level

And despite Tom going to America for a year in August, their fans will be ecstatic to hear that they still aim to continue Rehoused next year, and for it to get even bigger.

“Fin is going to keep going. We’re doing a clothes fair at Strawberries & Creem festival in Cambridge later in June and we’re doing the after party there which should be good”

“Just everyone come down on Friday: it’s the last one, and we’ll be back next year with a lot of new things”.

Rehoused will be taking over the Nando’s Stage Sunday 12-1pm.