Meet the third year blogger who is more famous than you

On track for a first and collaborating with ASOS, Motel and Missguided


Hannah Louise Farrington, shortlisted for “Best Personal Style Blog” in 2014 in Company Magazine, has been juggling her degree with life as a fashion-big-shot since 2011.

The third year law student has a whopping 3330 followers on her blog, 39.8k followers on her Instagram, and she’s on track for graduating with a first. What’s your excuse?

Now, she talks to The Tab about everything from dressing for lectures, her opinion of Manchester’s student style, her future plans and fashion turn-offs.

Hannah’s on track for a first and she’s got 38.9k Instagram followers. (Credit-Rachel Cottam)

Hannah’s blog, hannahlouisef.comstarted out from just posting a few snaps of her outfits on She quickly gathered tons of followers who encouraged her to start posting looks on her own blog.

Hannah said: “I didn’t have a clue when I started. It wasn’t as mainstream then, I started out from regurgitating magazines i’d read and doing outfit posts.

“It gradually got bigger and really blew up in the last two years.”

Hannah’s blog wasn’t always so mainstream, “it’s really blown up in the last two years” she tells us. (Credit: Toni Power)

She’s made loads of friends through blogging including Charlotte Fisher, the woman behind the massive ‘Things I Do Think and Buy‘ blog. “Blogging quite a community. We go to all kind of events together.”

She’s always being whisked off to events like London Fashion Week, and even given her own VIP box at a One Direction concert for her and some friends.

Instead of using a professional photographer for her photo’s, she leaves it to her friends: “I always carry my camera around with me, I get whoevers with me at the time to take them.”

Hannah’s made a lot of friends through blogging, as well as being treated to fancy events

Managing her blog with her law degree isn’t a problem for Hannah: “It’s manageable, it’s all about give and take with time and knowing when to focus on work more.”

When essay writing gets a too much, she loves the creativity that blogging allows her, making her manage her time between lectures better.

She said: “It’s nice to have something constantly motivating, something creative. It makes me more focused on what I’m doing.

“I don’t just sit around for ages doing nothing, I’m always thinking about it.”

She’s never been approached by a fan on campus, but says she occasionally comes home to tweets of people claiming they saw her.

She often gets recognised by girls on nights out in the Northern Quarter, where she goes most weekends.

Bet your selfies don’t get  2546 likes on instagram

She’s not a fan of the just-rolled-out-of-bed-vibe typical of Manchester student style: “It’s awful, I hate that whole grubby Dunlop’s with gross mom jeans and shell jackets combo.”

Her ultimate fashion turn-off for boys is the preppy look: “I’m really not into that JackWills/Hollister preppy look on boys.”

As for fashion turn-on’s, she’s not too fussy: “I think as long as boys have got a style and look that works for you then that looks good. Shoes are important though, I prefer classic ones: Doc Martins, Converse etc.”

Hannah isn’t impressed by Manchester student style (Credit-Toni Power)

Despite looking immaculate in all her photo’s, she tells me that she doesn’t make as much of an effort for lectures, with her day-to-day outfit being a band t-shirt and comfy jeans.

Despite her top grades, all 2:1’s and firsts, Hannah isn’t planning on pursuing a career in law after graduating this summer. Instead, she wants to spend more time blogging – fabulous news for her 3330 followers.

Photograph by Toni Power.