Big Pets on Campus: Sadie the cat

She’s the purrfect pet

Meet Sadie, the one year old kitty from Salford.

She’s the student pet of third year English Language student Hope. She is also incredibly cute.

That cute look can be deceptive…

Sadie’s hobbies include hunting her owner’s hands, sleeping on people, and freezing when she hears a coke can being tapped.

At night her favourite place to snuggle is on top of Hope.

Sadie also hates staying still for photos.

During the day she likes to wander the streets of Salford, though she never goes far due to the scary dogs nearby.

Sadie is also partial to a roast dinner, if she can get her paws on it.

She’s coming for your hand next…

Her favourite toys are her little orange furry… thing, and her fuzzy purple jangle stick. She doesn’t like staying still for photos.

Sometimes she will purr and lick your face. She will also play fetch, though not as reliably as a dog.

Sadie will sometimes play fetch too.

One of Sadie’s favourite tricks is the ‘Venus Fly Trap’. She’ll roll over onto her belly for you to scratch it, but when you do… Clawed hands.

Sadie’s favourite pastime is hunting people.

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