Do you have the UK’s bitchiest resting face?

Cheer up hun

national noad

It’s a terrible affliction not to be wished upon your worst enemy. You hear the “are you okay?”s and “what’s wrong?”s everyday day, which will ironically give you something to be not “okay” about. No, I won’t “give you a smile love.”

It’s a hard life when everyone assumes you are constantly judging them when really you are wondering what to have for dinner.

Flirting also tends to be an issue as every guy that approaches you thinks you’re ridiculously bored of them (although admittedly sometimes true) and has probably already texted his mates what a massive bitch you are.

People are always surprised when you actually turn out to be a nice person because “before I knew you I thought you were so moody”. Glad we cleared that up.

It’s about time we stopped fearing the resting bitch and started pitying them. These bitches have feelings too you know, give us a break.

Eve, first year English


“From the photos it always looks like I’m having a shit time on a night out.”

Sarah, first year Maths and Spanish


“My boss at work used to come up to me and say ‘give us a smile, it’s free you know’… safe to say I quit swiftly after.”

Natalie, first year English and Drama

Unimpressed at the joyfulness

“It makes it look like I don’t like my friends in photos… just to confirm, I do.”

Cassie, first year Philosophy

“I can’t decide if I look more sad or bitchy, I get people asking me if I’m okay alot.”

Harry, first year Maths and Finance

Resting bitch face lad

“People don’t realise boys can have resting bitch faces too.”

Anna, first year Maths and Business

“I’m smiling on the inside.”

Cathy, second year History 

“Everyone’s always scared they’ve offended me or something.”

Charlotte, third year Linguistics

“It’s always nice when people tell you they were scared of you before they knew you.”

Lucy, first year History and American Studies

“U wot mate.”

Emma, first year Psychology

“I’m actually really friendly when you talk to me.”