Vote: What is the best night out in Manchester?

It’s about time we cleared this up

Antwerp Mansion

You might get home with shoes that resemble a post D of E treck but let’s be honest, it’s always a good night.

Antwerp always manages to deliver with the artists they somehow nab (they obviously haven’t seen the place first), from So Solid Crew to Dub Phizix and it’s within walking distance of Fallowfield. Not to mention, they are astoundingly fast with their delivery of free tap water on request.

Most of the people working there have decent banter and don’t take life too seriously, which is more than can be said for the bouncers at most places in Manch.

Antwerp attracts a variety of clientele


The classic. “Best club in Manchester” gets thrown about an awful lot, but is it actually? Catch them on the right night and it’s definitely up there. Music is normally decent and they get some fairly big acts performing there (especially considering the size of the place).

However, shutting the smoking area at like 12 isn’t ideal and anyone who’s been to South East Asia (everyone) is unlikely to be impressed by their attempt at a “full moon” party.

Where am I meant to smoke now?

Fifth Avenue

Well, at least they serve alcohol there? A club that charges you to use the smoking area in Manchester is basically admitting defeat in this vote, but we felt we had to include it anyway.


£1 entry and drinks on Thursdays and Fridays is definitely appealing and with three floors of contrasting music there should be a little summin summin for everyone. The ridiculous queue on a Friday has been known to deter people to Fifth Ave though, so what does that tell you.


Decent beer garden and generally good music in the evenings, but the antisocially loud music and extortionate (£3) entry fee is just not okay for a pub. If you’re there on a Thursday though and not a medic, what are you doing with your life?

Oh and the bouncers are notorious dickheads in the Fallowfield area, which is unfortunate.

Joshua Brooks

A fairly reliable club to meet people who love music and are not in attendance for some kind of ego boost. Prices tend to be kept reasonably cheap and Juicy on a Wednesday is always a winner for some classic R&B tunes, not to mention that it boasts a basement to challenge most Fallowfield houses.

Possibly the only issue with this bar come club is the fact it’s unavoidably small, sorry JB but in this case size does matter.

‘When the beat hits you but there’s no room to dance’


It’s basically a big room with a couple of bars, but what else do you need? Gorilla is notorious for the bloody brilliant line-ups it gets and Juicy and Gold Teeth specials which are second to none. You can even dance on the stage and get up close and personal with the DJs.

A can of Red Stripe doesn’t come cheap though and if you’re gasping for a fag, better get in line because you’ll have to queue for nearing on 20 minutes for a toke.

Soup Kitchen

This vegan canteen/bar/exhibition venue/club in the Northern Quarter is as edgy as it gets in Manchester. It’s got dingy basement vibes but a great sound system and has been home to an eclectic mix of DJs, playing everything from African beats to Techno.


Sound Control

Your standard student night out. It couldn’t be more convenient to the bus stop and one of your mates is probably promoting for them so you can get in cheap. It always seems to gather a decent crowd on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, they even dropped money from the ceiling one time. But is it even open on weekends?

Warehouse Project

The reason you chose Manchester over Leeds.

WHP is the perfect night out to prove to your cool mates at other unis that Manchester is actually better, with big names like Fatboy Slim, Annie Mac and Duke Dumont performing each year. The venue also makes a nice change from your average nightclub.

Only downside is it can end up being a rather expensive night once you’ve bought all the necessary accompaniments to your ticket.

Edgy gal’s dream

Fallowfield Take-Away Outlets

Not your usual candidate, but realistically Fallowfield’s late night take-aways are often the best part of your night.

There’s an astounding variety of cuisine to choose from and Paz is bound to give you a confidence boost if you haven’t managed to pull that night, alright gorgeous.

<3 Shahz <3

Better lighting than Antwerp