Breaking snooze: New nap zone opens in Ali G

Sweet dreams x

Tired revisers can now take a quick power nap on the second floor of the Ali G.

You can use the weird beds in the Learning Commons to have a 20 minute recharge.

The “state of the art” pods look a bit more like MRI scanners than a sleeper’s paradise, but everyone’s up for it all the same.

Beam me up scotty

The project has been causing a stir ever since the Uni posted on their Facebook page about it yesterday.

Second year Shannon told The Tab: “I’d definitely use it, I’m glad it’s only for one person though.

“At least that way you can guarantee no one’s shagged in it.”

Best seat in the house

Geography student Megan was even more positive about the idea: “I like to feel cocooned like a caterpillar ready to blossom into a beautiful butterfly, so the napping pod sounds like the one for me.”

Predictions are it’ll be harder to snag a spot than in one of those fancy booths near the computers, so get there early if you need a snooze.