Varsity Football called off after rowdy ‘riot’ on the pitch

Well that escalated quickly

In true varsity style, yesterday’s football game was called off after 80 minutes due to a “riot” breaking out.

Mental mental chicken oriental

Described as “absolute carnage”, supporters stormed the pitch at Manchester Regional arena repeatedly after Mike Macintosh scored the first goal for UoM.

The rowdy crowd started getting out of hand after the girls’ match, when more supporters arrived and began throwing celery towards the pitch.

After the first goal was scored, UoM supporters in their masses charged the pitch, letting off flares left, right and centre.


Things took a turn for the worse though after the second goal, at which point the pitch became completely overrun, despite desperate attempts over the speakers to get the fans off.

Blows were exchanged between fans and players, leaving some floored or injured.

A fallen fan

The only person who didn’t seem to be on the pitch or setting off flares was MMU’s enthusiastic mascot: a giant penis.

Don’t be a dick

An incident occurred between two spectators and one was seen soon after fleeing to the toilets on the UoM side to escape the swarm of people, quickly being blocked off by security.

It was then announced that the match was suspended, to the sound of shouts and chants, and the rowdy mob left the pitch to grapple for taxis outside the Etihad.

Will, a second year on the other side of the pitch described it all as “madness”.

But he said: “it’s always nice to see our unis so united.”

The Tab attempted to contact Greater Manchester Police for a comment on the incident but received no response.