Antwerp introduces metal detectors after clubber slashed in neck

A man was viciously attacked there last month

Antwerp Mansion has started screening partygoers with metal detectors following an attack on a clubber.

A regular at the Rusholme Grove club was slashed in the neck last month after the club had closed and was left in a critical condition.

Antwerp staff rushed to help the victim, who is now in recovery.

The historic building has been playing host to various club events and gigs since 2009.

In response, club bosses have been working with Greater Manchester Police to help ensure the safety of its customers.

New actions taken include body searches, metal detector screenings, the installation of extra CCTV cameras and the introduction of more bouncers.

Talking about increased security measures, first year Daisy said: “It’s good because when I’ve been there security has been aggressive but not really cared.

“I know people who have got in with anything.”

History of Art student Holly told The Tab: “I think it’s a good thing definitely.

“It’s important for people to feel safe. It would have been neglectful if they hadn’t done anything about it.”