9am campus style

They all made a lot of effort

national noad

Quite possibly the most dreaded time of the week, Monday morning 9am.

For those who made it onto campus, we are here to show you who pulled it off with the best style and how they made it by sharing their tips on getting ready for 9am.

Thea-Jenna Chamberlain, first year, Fashion Management

“There’s no excuse for joggers and a hoodie when you study fashion and always plan the night before”

Rebekah Scott, first year, Linguistics

“Red lipstick to bring any outfit together.”

Rob Cushworth, second year, Aerospace Engineering

“Alarms, lots and lots of alarms.”

Meg Ferguson, first year, Fashion Marketing

“Make sure I get up early enough for at least three outfit changes, the outfit is everything.”

Calum, third year, Computer Science

“Don’t wake up too late or you wont have time to prepare.”

Natasha Willcock, first year, Fashion Retail

“Under eye concealer to make you look awake.”

Chris Rutter, first year, Electrical Engineering

“Make sure my clothes are easy to put on, so I tend to go for sweats.”