Oak House room goes up in flames after fresher leaves hair straighteners on


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First year Niamh had a fiery surprise last Tuesday when she was called by a flatmate and told her bedroom was on fire.

The hapless History and French frsher returned to Chestnut to find her clothes being thrown out her top floor window in front of a gawping crowd.

The rest of her belongings had been burnt to smithereens.

Back to curly hair

After the call from her friend, panicked Niamh rushed back to her room.

“The walk from the entrance to my block was the longest it had ever felt, longer than when stumbling home drunk,” she told us.

“All I could see was a huge crowd of onlookers watching the chaos probably not even acknowledging the reality of the situation.”

Expecting the worst, Niamh was confronted with a pile of her destroyed belongings outside the Chestnut, and smoke billowing out of the window.

“My flat mate was trying to prepare me for the extent of the damage, as from outside the building it looked awful – you could clearly see the flames and all the smoke.

“My flat mates discovered the fire as smoke was leaving my open window and passing past theirs.”

The dramatic scene drew a large crowd from shocked Oak House residents, with girls gasping as burnt clothes were thrown from the window.

Naturally, she set snapchats of the scene

“The firemen told me the fire began because I had left a pair of hair straighteners on.

“However I had not actually used them that day, the night before was the last time I used them, so you’d think if they were in fact on the fire would have started much earlier on.”

Firefighters forced their way in

There were two fire engines on the scene, with firefighters from both Withington and Moss Side, who had to batter down her door and use breathing apparatus to put out the fire.

Safe to say Niamh will be going “au naturel” from now on.