Nicked Clegg: Jokers steal and deface party leader cut outs

Is Ed chilling at your gaff?

The cardboard cut outs of the five main party leaders went missing within an hour of being put up around uni.

The SU invested in four sets of the squad, namely D Cams, Ed Millibland, Cleggers, Total Farage and Natalie Bennett, ahead of their campaign to prompt us to register to vote.

Farage was later returned with “racist” written on his face. Another reappeared with a Hitler tache, “LIAR” on his forehead and devil horns.


Within an hour of the politicians standing in the SU foyer, Farage had had enough, and went missing.

Following his lead, Cameron vanished next. Predictably, Clegg followed.

The figures, which have been placed in Samuel Alexander, Uni Place and Stopford too, didn’t all disappear forever – some have been returned, but with additions to their appearance.

Campaigns officer Conor told The Tab that in an attempt to clean Nigel’s cheerful face, he “scrubbed too hard, and his whole face came off.

“We’ve had to stick a new face on that Farage.”

Haters gon hate

Devastated at the poor vandalism attempts, Conor said: “We bought four sets of the cardboard cut outs, but we definitely don’t have that many anymore.

“Ed Milliband was spotted on a Magic Bus the other week, but who knows where he is now.”

It appears that rogue Ed has been spotted around Fallowfield though, with one third year reporting sight of the Labour leader: “I saw Ed at the Friendship trying to get served.”

Pussay patrol

Sweet hat bro


However it appears that Natalie Bennett either has no haters or no one’s interested because she has remained untouched.