Meet Mike and Jean: Manchester’s most generous landlords

They bought us champagne when we moved in

Freezing cold houses, mouldy rooms and sharing the henry hoover with your next door neighbour – “my landlord’s a dickhead” most people say.

We left our house search until late last year and expected to end up in some dingy, overpriced shithole.

But we struck gold when we walked down Moseley Road and met our future landlord parents Mike Shah and Jean Bray. It was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.


They are our parents from home, the ying to our yang.

The loveable pair bought us a bottle of champagne when we moved in and two bottles of wine at Christmas. They even brought us one for our wine and cheese night. They tend to come round every couple of weeks which is nice – a lot of the time Jean stays for a cup of tea (she likes it white no sugar).

Talking exclusively to The Tab over a brew, Jean said: “We’ve been landlords since before you were born.”

“There have been nightmare tenants , however some of them are still at Uni so I can’t say too much about them!

“Landlords in Manchester need to be more fair. There are a lot of landlords and what they offer is really bad and too expensive.”

How many landlords does it take to change a lightbulb?


Before helping us change a light bulb, Mike said: “In the past I have worked with Manchester Student Homes to offer great and safe deals to students.”

The rent for starters took us pleasantly by surprise (75 pounds a week), and as four fussy girls, they’ve been the Manchester parents we all need from time to time.

The house only started off with one bathroom but on request the spare bedroom was soon turned into another bathroom (with requested bath included).

In one of the bedrooms, one of the girls struggled with the sunlight coming through the curtains during her midday naps. But Jean and Mike came to the rescue with brand new curtains.

caught having a pre lecture snooze

Got 99 problems but my bills aint one