Can you guess what these people study by what they’re wearing?

Mate I can tell you study History of Art

1. Arjun Mistry


A. Accounting

B. Electronic Engineering

C. Geography

2. Charli Hirst


A. History of Art

B. German and Italian

C. Sociology

3. Lucia Banjo

A. Philosophy

B. Management and Leisure

C. Music and Drama

4. Em Webster and Gina Vuqiterna


A. Maths and Linguistics

B. History and French

C. Psychology and Geography

5. Laurence Brunton

A. Medicine

B. Economics

C. Business Studies

6. Olivia Crowe

A. Zoology

B. Material Science

C. Midwifery


1. C

2. B

3. B

4. C

5. C

6. A