What your course says about you as a housemate

Don’t live with these people

It’s that excruciatingly awkward time of year where we all need to decide who we are going to live with next year. You might think that you know who your friends are, you might think it’s all going to be straight forward – but it’s not.

Will they know how to change a light bulb? Will they cry a lot? Will they snuggle up and watch MIC with me? All valid questions that can often be answered by asking what course they study.

The truth is, that degree your friend does has more of an impact on their credibility as a housemate than you might think.You probably think you’re easy to live with, but honestly? You’re probably not.

Whatever you do, be smart and read this before you sign the contract and it’s too late to back out.


Never a dull moment

Chances are they can help you make conversation that fit guy at the bar and they can definitely make you laugh with their impression of that annoying girl on their course. But the friends they invite round are always that little bit too loud and proud. And they’re constancy fighting each other for the spotlight on a night out. One or two are manageable but live with more at your own risk.



These guys can probably explain why the light in the kitchen is broken… but more often than not they won’t actually be able to fix it. Cheers lads. They tend to keep themselves to themselves and you probably won’t see them much due to their ridiculous amount of contact hours.

You probably won’t recognise them unless they are in this position

History and/or Politics

These guys come into their own when you drunkenly decide to enter the pub quiz at spoons and the rest of you don’t have a fucking clue. Unfortunately they tend to reel off historical facts/engage in political debate every time they’ve had a beer and it’s all just a bit much. Probably perfectly nice lads/ladies but unlikely to actually be much use round the house.

History of Art

So hoa


The humble abode of an art historian

Pretty similar story to the History students (pub quiz, beers, facts…you get the picture) but there’s something about the art that makes them a bit more fun. They’re less hardcore, more hippie historian and they can definitely join you for a beer because they have two lectures a week. Chances are they also have a pretty trippy room


They’re quite loose

They might be in uni everyday and get kicked out of lectures for being one minute late but the medics definitely have a fun side too. As they can’t go out every night, they go hard when they do and if you’re in second year/above chances are they might be able to offer some advice for your mystery medical condition (“water and rest”). On the downside they actually take their degree seriously and might get agged if you’re pre-ing too loudly when they have a 9am.


If they’re not jetsetting

Another useful tool in a pub quiz and they don’t normally have an excuse not to go out (but they might need a bit of persuading). But be warned, they tend to make other flatmates jealous by having about 10 reading weeks a year and numerous trips to pretty lakes to count blades of grass and shit. On the plus side you will always have colouring pencils of every colour at your disposal.



Generally pretty useful to have around. Most degrees include at least one bullshit stats module and they probably don’t mind helping you out. Also handy for splitting bills after meals and checking you’re not getting ripped off by your gas/electric company. Maths students also tend to be particularly amusing when drunk so entertainment for your night out is sorted.



These are the clever flatmates who don’t try and rub it in your face any chance they get. You’re not really sure what they are doing most of the time but they might actually be able to fix shit around the house and they’re probably a good laugh on a night out, even if they throw in a few science jokes you don’t understand.


Ah yes… ‘reading’

They’re probably pretty laid back and are always up for a night out mid week. They might use long words you don’t understand sometimes but you will soon master the ‘I know exactly what you’re on about’ nod. They are also likely to spend most of their days in their rooms ‘reading’ (sleeping) so they can probably sign for your ASOS package in the afternoon.

Spanish/ French

they know how to have a good time

They’re only in for a few hours a week and are always up for night out. They probably have some funny stories from exchanges they’ve done in the past and are very useful if you wanna go on a group holiday.

Also if you’re lucky you might get introduced to some of their fit course mates who are fluent in the language. Yes please.