Thief runs off with second year’s phone from Bikos cafe

He covered it with a newspaper and swiped it

An opportunist thief waltzed into the SU cafe, asked a girl for some money, covered her phone with a newspaper and then made off with it.

The hapless second year was sat in Bikos doing some work yesterday evening when the mystery man approached her and asked for spare change.

When she said no he covered her phone with a newspaper and made a dash for it down Oxford Road.

She tried to chase him but he got away.

Unlucky Emily was sitting in Biko’s cafe in the SU at 6pm doing some work when the man holding a newspaper approached her.

He came up to her asking if she had any spare change, placing the newspaper down to distract her whilst he took her phone.

Emily, who was working with her headphones on, told us: “He asked for money and I told him no, as he walked away I realised that my phone was gone.

“I shouted after him and ran after him out the SU. He ran into the road, nearly into a bus then across down a side street.”

But she soon lost sight of him after he ran off the Oxford road down a side street: “I couldn’t see where he went and didn’t want to get run over so he got away.

“Everyone is the SU was amazing help and campus security came quickly but sadly the guy got away too fast!!”

The police were contacted and took a statement, the thief was described as short Asian man with dark hair.