Horrendous video of racist fight on 43 bus emerges

They called the guy who filmed it a grass

A group of racists attacked two men on a Stagecoach night bus and yelled vile insults at them.

The despicable scene, which took place at 5am last Thursday morning, was caught on camera by another passenger and uploaded to YouTube.


In the clip, a woman can be heard yelling: “Get off, get off, you faggots, get off. You Spanish cunts” before a man yells “Attack him, attack him.”

Armed with little more than a portion of chips and their bigoted views, the gang are seen hurling their racist slurs at two men, forcing them off the bus.

The thuggish perpetrators, a man and girlfriend, dug deep into their arsenal of insults to come up with their painfully tasteless affronts.

Amid a chorus of “attack him, attack him” from the frontman’s backup, theaggressive male and his partner-in-crime girlfriend can be heard shouting “Spanish cunts”, “faggot” and “pussy ‘ole” at the men.

“Fuckers” and “Swear to God mate” were also made use of in this example of one of the darker sides of Magic Bus rides.

After spitting on the men as they made their way downstairs, a final shout of “suck your mum” follows them down the stairs.

The man, named Warren, has since told the Manchester Evening News that he was acting as “peacemaker” which, given his word choice exhibited in the video, as well as the physical violence, is a little hard to believe.

His female counterpart has also come out in defence of her actions. She told the MEN: “I have black people in my family and would never say anything racist.

“The footage does not tell the whole story but I am not a racist. Some people were shouting but I did not shout anything racist.”

Ross Thompson, 23, is the man who filmed the scene, and was later called a “grass” by the ringleader for doing so.

It is also alleged that he was told to “Fuck off back to Poland” by the group of anti-social bus riders, even though he is British.

He told Mancunion Matters: “I’ve witnessed racial abuse numerous times and been the victim of misguided abuse on multiple occasions where people assumed I was Polish.”

He also speculated that the gang were “out for violence.”

“The guy even had blood on his face before he got on the bus – it’s just an average night out for them.”