Student Pets: Egg the rabbit

Meet the cracking addition to the Fallowfield pet scene

egg the rabbit student pets

Last week we saw Leeds’ answer to Bugs Bunny, but now meet Egg, Julie Andrews’ Mancunion opposite. 

These second years found Egg by Wilmslow Park and couldn’t part with the bunny, so they took it home, gave it its name and built it a hutch in their dining room…

Typical Reebok-loving hipster rabbit…

But which one is the real egg?

Where the magic happens

Ben smuggled Egg onto the bus under his jacket

Biomaterials Science student Ben takes us back to the moment he found Egg: “My first thought was, I could probably eat this, but I decided it would be better as a pet so I can have the best of both worlds”.

Sex: Male (huge balls).

Lives: Yew Tree Road

Likes: Peppers, Celine Dion, Cucumber, Celebrity Big Brother.

Dislikes: Conformity, Eamonn Holmes, Watership Down.

An eggy family

Do you have competition for Egg? Email [email protected] if you want your pet to feature.