Man arrested on Oxford Road was threatening a man with a KNIFE

There was a struggle outside Sainsbury’s

A man has been arrested for pulling a knife on another man outside Sainsbury’s local.

A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police said: “A man with a bladed item was seen struggling with another man outside of Sainsbury’s local on Oxford Road.

“The pair walked off together and one man was then caught by police ten minutes later and arrested for possession of a bladed item.”

Police handcuffed the man and bundled him into the back of a van outside the Stopford building at around 12.45pm.

One witness told The Tab: “I was walking back from uni on Oxford Road.

“I was in my own world and walked past these guys.

“I turned round and they were shouting at each other and people had started to crowd around.

“There were opposite each other and one had a knife.

“So one of them ran off and I rang the police.

“One other guy ran off, leaving just the witnesses and a guy who had tried to break them up.”

“By this time the police had come and took statements and it turns out the police had managed to catch one of them.”