DJ deafened by cannon blaster at Sankeys just hours before his set

It has ruined Lil Louis’ career

A hapless house music legend has been left partially deaf after a cannon blaster went off just inches away from his ear.

Lil Louis was performing a soundcheck before his set on Saturday when an “idiot manager” inconsiderately honked on it.

The blast, described as “louder and more shrill than anything I’d ever heard” has caused permanent hearing loss and career damage.

Gutted Louis didn’t even get to play his set, and was taken to hospital.

Writing on his Facebook page he told followers that “the noise from the horn, which was just inches away from his ear, hurt so much he jumped in the air and screamed.”

He also apologised to those he was meant to perform to that night and in up coming events which is he resultantly cancelled due the injuries he sustained – SIHL (sound induced hearing loss), a permanent hearing loss, potentially ending his career.

“As we were about to leave, this idiot came into the booth and without notice, decided to show off a new toy (a very powerful CO2 cannon blaster machine)”

“I am fucking upset, because this idiot, (a manager no less) should have known better.”

Fans have expressed their sadness and disbelieve to the shocking news.

Emily a first year student at UoM told The Tab: “I’ve seen Lil Louis a few times recently and thought he was incredible.

“I was so fucking excited to see him again this term but the stupidity of one person has ruined the career of a DJ that everyone loved.”

A second year Geography student who was meant to be attending the event talked about the reaction when he turned up to Sankeys.

“I was so confused. I know the queues can get long for it but everyone was outside and seemed to be leaving. I couldn’t work out what was going on and neither could any of the staff. It took a few days for me to really understood the seriousness of the event.”

But the Chicago born DJ is remaining defiant.

“Know that I live for three things, God, to finish this film, and create and play music for you. I’ve been able to handle everything life has thrown me.”