Tracey: Please stop using the disabled door in Alan Turing, it’s making me cold

Can everyone stop using the disabled door?

A chilling receptionist is pleading with inconsiderate Maths students to use the revolving doors instead of the disabled door as it’s letting in a nasty draft.

The maze-like revolving doors on campus are the bane of every student’s life.

But now office staff are forcing students to struggle through the ones in Alan Turing.

An aggy email to students said: “DO NOT use the disabled access unless you genuinely need to as the constant opening of the doors is making the reception area extremely cold and it’s very uncomfortable for Tracey.”

Poor Trace looking chillyst.

Insert ironic pic of non-disabled individual using disabled door

A sign with red writing on the outside of the building also tries to ban heartless students from using the disabled door.

Talking to The Tab, the much loved Tracey said: “We had the revolving doors put in especially as it used to get so cold in here.

“It would be nice if people actually used them!”

But some selfish individuals have been shattering Trace’s dreams by using the disabled (normal) doors to enter the building.

The revol’t’ing doors in question

One student said: “To be fair though Trace, those doors are shit. And they’re EVERYWHERE.”

“It takes about five minutes just to get into the building and there’s always that one dickhead that pushes it so hard you’re smacked in the arse by the person behind you. Not ideal.”

Hannah, a first year maths student and avid hater of the revolving door said: “They’re just so unnecessary, they have to put in a disabled door anyway so what’s the point?

“You have to shuffle through them and they stop so easily so you just walk into them all the time, I could go on all day…”