Stop shutting down our parties and let us have our fun

We’re not that bad

It’s 5am, you’re walking around a dirty basement of a house party which is at its peak.

There’s students walking around with bugged out eyes and techno streaming out the speakers and probably someone passed out in a corner.

It’s a house party on a standard weekend in Fallowfield.

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We know how to enjoy ourselves at Manchester and it’s not hurting anybody, but we’re constantly being branded as antisocial pricks lately and quite frankly, it’s not really fair.

You’ve probably seen our dearly beloved Amherst Road in the news far too much lately, mainly on the subject of the arrest of two “rowdy” students.



14 police officers were called to this particular party, and the residents of the house were given a closure order – meaning that they would have to appear in court.

It doesn’t stop with criminal records though – we’re now “liable for disciplinary action” with regards to the uni. So you can now get kicked off your course, and out of uni if you have a house party.

It’s preposterous that the uni big dogs really think it’s appropriate to threaten our uni careers and the rest of our lives, all for the sake of a few 21sts.

But the worst yet is that it’s clearly become so serious that our dear John Leech MP and his Westminster friends are actually debating our sweet sweet house parties in Parliament.

He's a Lib Dem

He’s a Lib Dem

The current Anti-Social Behaviour Legislation prevents intervention of the council during a party, but they want to change it so they don’t have to wait until the Tuesday after a party to bollock us – they want to dish out ASBOs there and then.

They also want to set up a 24-hour hotline to enable Fallowfield residents to call the fun police all night long.

We love to boogie

We love to boogie

But by creating all these new rules, it’s clear that the council are attempting to integrate students and Fallowfield locals but they’re going the wrong way about it.

Ostracising students by enforcing ridiculous rules and stopping us having fun is just driving us further apart from other residents.

Although some people have lived here for decades, Fallowfield is predominantly a student area and we have a right to celebrate the best years of our lives in our own homes.

It was one time...

It was one time…

To reiterate an almost overused point, it seems absurd that shutting down our parties has become a priority for the council and police over much more potent issues such as personal safety.