How to dress for Fallowfield

Don’t leave this house without doing this

Fallowfield’s not just another student area, it’s a way of life. And with that comes a uniform.

Do I look ironic enough? Does my ten-year-old sister pull off these pig tail buns better than me? Where’s my bindi gone?!

If you ever have to ask yourself these questions, read below. If you don’t, just carry on living your life.



Hair dirtier than a Granville basement

This is important because your hair must never be too clean. A little dirt is best to achieve the ultimate chilled, I don’t care sort of attitude you want to exude. The dirtier the hair, the better chance that your Miley buns and French braids will stay in place.

Face and Accessories

Make sure they're uneven

Make sure the buns are uneven

This is key, because you must never look too done up. Minimal make up is best with a pop of dark lippy (a key piece). Oh, and we must not forget the nose piercing and septum if you are edgy enough. Note that hoops are preferred over studs, ladies. The inspo for your accessories should come from noughties fashion – it’s a no brainer.

The essentials are chokers, scrunchies (aim for velvet), and importantly bindis and glitter.


Merry xmas bitches

Merry xmas bitches


No sheepskin? Get out

No sheepskin? Get out

A Fallowfield lady knows that the grungier the better. Thus, faded ripped jeans are a key item. If you are more of a skirt lady then make sure your tights have ladders – shows you care less.

In terms of shirts and jumpers it’s best that it is kept solid and baggy, draws less attention to your boobs.

For the winter months, a shearing jacket or an oversized denim is key whether it be from Topshop or a vintage place. No judgement here.


DIRT pls

DIRT pls

Your shoes must must MUST be worn in. Nobody likes pure white trainers, it just looks silly. I hope your shoe game is good because the only type of footwear acceptable are Nike Air Max, New Balance, and Reebok, because anything other than that would just highlight the fact that you actually didn’t go to state school.