Snow way! It didn’t snow in Manchester today

There was just hail instead

Students have been left disappointed today after the Met Office said it might snow – but then it didn’t.

We were bracing ourselves for mass snowball fights in Platt Fields Park, after The Met Office issued a yellow weather warning for this week.

The met office told us to “be aware” and expect up to 10cm of sleet and snow on higher ground yesterday and today.

One student said: “All we’ve had is insane hail storms. They last like two minutes but the they’re the size of skittles.”

newcastle snow

A Met Office spokes woman said: “It will fall as just rain but over higher ground in the Pennines we are expecting sleet or snow to be mixed in.”

Students are sceptical over the reality of snow making it past the Pennines, but after the last few days’ hail storms rivalling the likes of those in The Day After Tomorrow anything could happen.

Apocalyptic scenes - bloody hail

Apocalyptic scenes – bloody hail


One student said: “Snow would be the greatest early Christmas present.”

However, it’s not optimism on all fronts one thing is for certain, its about to get awfully nippy.


Clearly optimistic