Parklife fined £70k for text from ‘mum’

Promo message was ‘poorly thought out’ say watchdog

A data watchdog have slapped Parklife with a £70k fine after they sent a text to festival goers from their “mum”.

The doting message, sent out to thousands of Manchester students in May, read “Some of the Parklife after parties have already sold out. If your going, make sure your home for breakfast! xxx”.

But now suits at the the Information Commissioner’s Office have branded the stunt “unacceptable” and charged organisers £70,000.

They sent the text in May

Parklife 2014

Parklife 2014

The ICO have slapped bosses with the fine after one festival goer, whose mum had died just weeks before, complained when they received the text.

He still had his mum’s number in his phone, and called the message “unprofessional and disgusting.”

Parklife have now apologised for the stunt.

A spokesman said: “The Parklife Weekender want to apologise for any offence caused by the SMS marketing message sent to their customers earlier this year.

“The communication was intended as a fun way of engaging festival-goers, however the festival acknowledges that this was not an appropriate theme for everyone. The Parklife Team are now focusing on making the 2015 edition their biggest and best to date.”

Parklife 2014

Parklife 2014

Manchester student Hani who received the message back in May said: “That’s a lot of money.

“When I got the text I thought it was pretty jokes. I can see how it’s upset some people though.”

Daisy Bernard said: “Everyone I know thought it was funny. But I appreciate that this must be horrific for people who have lost their mums”

WHP and Parklife boss Sacha Lord-Marchionne tweeted this morning saying: “It’s the most expensive phone bill I’ve ever had.”