Chaos as £1k cash falls from the ceiling of Sound Control

‘I’ve never seen people go that mental’

Sound Control literally made it rain it last night when they dropped a grand from the ceiling of the venue.

Revellers at interestingly named “Double Drop” scrambled to get their hands on the notes as they fell from the sky in balloons.

Cash cows at the new “No Posers Student Night” dropped fivers, tenners and even twenties to into what one student has called “the world’s worst moshpit.”

Five pound bill y'all

Five pound bill y’all


1000 big ones

The new “No Posers Student Night” at Sound Control advertised the night as their “£1000 Cash in Balloons Drop Special”.

The logistics are straight forward: the organisers filled balloons with £5, £10 and £20 notes and dropped them from the ceiling.

They gave out some astonishing advice to “make sure you are stood in the right spot when the balloons come falling down”.

Second year Naomi described the anticipated moment as “the world’s worst moshpit”.

She said: “I’ve never seen people go that mental, loads of guys just pushed everyone to the floor… all for a fiver.”

On Facebook, students were persuaded to attend the night, being told that they could “leave the night richer than when you first came in”.

However, entry itself cost £5, so it seems that only a lucky few managed to break even.

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You got a hundred dollar bill put your hands up?

You got a hundred dollar bill put your hands up?