Just say NO₂: Man Met’s war on laughing gas continues as posters plastered around halls

They’ve got until Sunday to polish off the canisters

Killjoy uni bosses at Man Met have pinned up warning posters declaring laughing gas officially BANNED as of this Sunday. 

The hazardous yellow posters, pinned around first year halls read: “Warning: Just say NO₂.”

The joke’s on them: Man Met anti-gas campaign continues

Gassed up uni bosses at Man Met want everyone to “just say NO laughing gas” – starting this Sunday, 23rd November.

And it’s just the latest in the Man Met’s war on balloons.

Earlier this week buzzkill uni staff sent an email out warning residents against using laughing gas in their rooms.

The email said: “It has come to our attention that students in halls of residence are using Laughing gas or Nitrous Oxide.”

“Any residents found in possession of this substance on hall grounds will face disciplinary action under the student code of conduct.”

This follows after Greater Manchester Police have been on the hunt for dealers selling balloons of the legal high around the city.

Officers on the beat have been instructed to arrest sellers on the streets of Manchester city centre.