Two ‘rowdy’ students ARRESTED at Amherst Road house party

The fun police have been at it again

Two “rowdy” student revellers were ARRESTED and bundled into a van at a Fallowfield house party on Saturday.

Fourteen officers turned up to the party on Amherst Road at 1.30am to shut their shit down.

The two party-goers were cuffed at the scene and spent the night in cells, before being released on Sunday.

Amherst Road

Residents of the eight-man house were given a closure order, meaning that they would have to appear in court.

But this was lifted the next day, as the residents had no previous noise complaints.

Second year student Paul saw the party in full swing on Saturday. He told The Tab: “I was just strolling down the road after a night out when I saw several police vehicles and personnel shutting down another party on Amherst Road.”

“With the road being in the news several times in the last two weeks, the police are steeping up their game to stop the fun in Fallowfield.”

The Amherst Road party

Joe, another student, said: “I heard a helicopter and saw 4 police vans pull up outside the house.”

“I went outside to see what was going on and as soon as I got there 3 people got handcuffed and thrown in different police vans.”

The party on Amherst Road was one of many house parties in Fallowfield this weekend, all of which have been branded as “rebellious” by other Fallowfield residents.

Both the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University have sent letters to Fallowfield residents, threatening expulsion or potential prosecution if students throw house parties.

And it comes after uni created new regulations last year permitting them to get involved with students’ off-campus behaviour.

It states that: “a student may be liable for disciplinary action in respect of conduct that damages the University’s relationship or reputation with its local communities”.

The council are giving out these

Laura, a resident of Granville Road told The Tab: “We had a house party in October for my house mate’s 21st birthday.”

“The week after, we were visited by the council and someone from the uni who gave us a big telling off, issued us with a warning of an ASBO and told us that we could get kicked out of uni and fined £5000 if we have another party”.

“It seems ridiculous that the uni are acting like a ‘Big Brother’ and trying to get involved.”

“Obviously we should be sensitive to our neighbours, but authorities need to stop acting like the fun police and let us get on with our lives, instead of portraying us as hooligans and making it worse.”