Are they having a laugh? Man Met halls ban laughing gas

Gassed up uni bosses send email banning freshers from using nos


Big dogs at Man Met halls have burst students bubbles by banning the use and possession of nos.

It’s just not funny.

A formal email was sent earlier this week to residents from Karen Horner, Head of Residential Services, after feeling that the whole situation had ballooned out of control.

Man Met staff were clearly getting a bit too gassed about the situation.

The email said: “It has come to our attention that students in halls of residence are using Laughing gas or Nitrous Oxide.”

Hide ya kids, hide ya nos

And it’s not just doing laughing gas in halls that has been banned, students keeping the odd cannister in their rooms could get disciplined too:

“Although this substance is not yet illegal, its use and storage is banned from halls of residence.

“any residents found in possession of this substance on hall grounds will face disciplinary action under the student code of conduct.”

It’s not a laughing matter

The trend of selling and doing laughing gas at parties in university cities across the country has been increasing recently, however it appears that those in charge want to stop us from having fun.

No more of this at MMU

This comes just months after Greater Manchester Police pledged to crack down on the non-illegal drug being sold on the streets.

Officers on the beat have been instructed to arrest sellers on the streets of Manchester city centre.