These two Manchester legends won £4k on Pointless

We spotted them at Juicy on Wednesday

A pair of Manchester heroes have won Pointless and bagged themselves a sweet £4 grand. 

Quizzy duo Jack Bittiner and Leo Mates, who graduated last year, scooped the grand prize on Wednesday and were spotted making it rain Joshua Brooks.

Chatting to The Tab at 2am in the smoking area, Jack said: “We’ve been described as two of the vibesiest ever contestants.”


The dynamic duo

The dynamic duo

“We wore the same shirts out to Juicy just in case people recognised us”.

A second year Law student said: “Jack and Leo are my heroes. They’ve inspired me to go on the show.”

The format of the show follows contestants as they attempt to score as few points as possible by producing answers that no one else would be able to come up with.

The lads, who graduated in Politics and Philosophy and Ancient History last year, answered questions on the familiar topic of Ancient Greek literature to win the prize.

Spotted as local celebs

To the d-floor


And the new UoM celebs seem to have created for themselves an interesting following of eager girls and potential lifelong fans on Twitter.

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All the laydeez

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Don't we all?

Don’t we all?

One can only imagine...

One can only imagine…