Parents pay tribute to student who died of suspected meningitis

Teygan Sugrue died suddenly on 2nd November

A heartbroken family has paid tribute to the “exceptionally bright” student who died of suspected meningitis

Teygan Sugrue, who lived in the Tower, became unwell suddenly just weeks after starting his Russian and Economics course.

It is understood the 19-year-old was found by a friend, who called an ambulance after realising that he was seriously ill on Sunday, November 2.

Teygan (left) died of suspected meningitis on 2nd November

He was taken to Manchester Royal Infirmary but later died from suspected meningococcal septicaemia.

Parents Ailsa and David, a nurse and a GP of St Ives, Cornwall, have been left devastated by the sudden loss.

Mrs Sugrue said: “It is the worst thing and just so unexpected. You think your kids are going to be safe. You don’t think this is going to happen.

“There was no illness before or in the run-up to it. There is no warning.

“He was very gentle. He was quirky, he’d come out with some really hysterical things that would make you laugh.

“We were just happy he had grown up as a really nice person. He was really happy at university. It is comforting he was doing something different and he was up there enjoying it.”

The student lived in the Tower

The student lived in the Tower

The former St Ives School pupil and Truro College student lived in Carbis Bay with his family before they moved to Angarrack around four years ago.

He developed a fascination with the Russian language, which saw him teach himself the alphabet at the age of 14.

To help raise awareness a family member is making bracelets emblazoned with the Russian flag in exchange for donations which will be given to charity Meningitis Now.

A fundraiser is also being held at St Andrews Street Bistro on November 30. A date has yet to be set for the funeral.