Play No Games book garage legends DJ Luck and MC Neat

‘We’re not fucking about’ say organisers

DJ Luck and MC Neat have been confirmed as the next big act to land in Fallowfield. 

First there was Artful Dodger, now the “little bit of luck” legends will be taking to the decks at 256.

They’ll join Disco Stu and Matt Rhodes at Play No Games on the 27th November.

Get pumped

Get pumped


The Tab caught up with Play No Games’ Patrick and Luke to hear what it’s all about…

The Tab: How did you choose to book DJ Luck and MC Neat?

Play No Games: It was really off the back of the success of our last old school garage night with Artful Dodger.

Everyone loved it and it’s been pretty hard to confirm any big house names due to high demand in acts in Manchester at the moment, so we though we’d have another garage night.

The Tab: What are your plans for the rest of the year?

PNG: We ideally want to make the weekly event as good as it can be and keep it busy!

We really want to bring good music to Fallowfield and give it more decent acts on a weekly basis seeing as it’s just a walk down the road for everyone.

We’re aiming to bring two or three big names to Play No Games each term.

The boys doing their thing

The boys doing their thing

The Tab: Which other artists are you considering booking?

PNG: That’s for us to know.

The Tab: What’s the story behind the name?

PNG: It speaks for itself really – we’re not fucking about.

We first came up with Expect the Worst, but it could have easily come across wrong…

There will be stickers on the night

There will be stickers on the night


The Tab: Why did you choose 256 to host Play No Games?

PNG: First things first, Patrick learnt how things worked when he helped to run Friday nights there last year so it seemed right. We wanted to have the flexibility of our own night though and freedom to do what we wanted.

We also noticed the hole in the market for a decent student night in Fallowfield with good music without the awkwardness of going into town.

There’s nowhere to hide in 256 so it’s ideal.

The Tab: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen at Play No Games this term?

PNG: Half naked girls. Although that’s not necessarily weird…

This happened

This happened


The Tab: What’s been your favourite night so far?

PNG: Naturally, it was the launch night with Artful Dodger.

We had put so much work into it so there was a lot of pressure for it to go well, but when we found out it had sold out just hours before, the pressure was off and we could have a lot of fun…

Remember this?

Remember this?



We’re gonna see if we can top it on 27th November

Earlybird tickets have already sold out, so head to the Facebook event to find out how to grab your £5 ticket.