Manchester churns out seventh most investment bankers in the country

Coming here is a wise investment

Manchester has been named as the seventh best uni for bagging a job in investment banking. 

A LinkedIn survey reveals that Manchester churns out the seventh most banker wankers in the country.

The most city schweffs hail from LSE, with UCL and Oxbridge following closely behind.


LinkedIn published the rankings of unis based on how successful recent graduates have been at landing desirable investment banking jobs.

Marcus, a former Manchester Business School student who scored a position as a management consultant in London told The Tab:

“The financial services and especially investment banking are a ruthlessly tough and competitive industry to get your foot in the door to begin a career in, so it is fantastic to see the University of Manchester getting acknowledged as a top university for a career in investment banking.

“It makes me proud to have gone to a fantastic student city while also getting tremendous academic recognition for my degree.’’


HR Director, Sue Harvey, at TORI Global – a Financial Services Management Consultancy – took time out of her busy schedule to speak to The Tab about why Manchester students are so employable: “While academic qualifications important, it is vital to be able to distinguish yourself from the crowd in a competitive environment and this is what graduates from the University of Manchester have shown.

“Attitude, tenacity and flexibility are all important attributes and when compared to senior people we take on, we want our graduates to be hungry and help drive the company forward.

“We see graduates as an essential to our success plan.’’

The excitement of current students could not be contained with a second year economics student telling us: “With the recession on the way out and the constantly improving prestige of Manchester it seems like life as graduate for people like myself is going to be pretty sweet.”

The news comes after Manchester soared into the top 40 universities in the world this year – finishing 5th in the UK and 7th in Europe.

In January it was confirmed that top employers preferred Manchester University students over any other university bar Nottingham.