‘Aggro Domino’s staff chased me and my friends around Fallowfield’

Thugs shouted ‘shut the fuck up, do you wanna fucking fight us?’ out of their car

A frightened group of students were chased around a Fallowfield in a car and harassed by a group of male Domino’s staff – after they accused them of smashing the takeaway’s window.  

Aggressive staff yelled “shut the fuck up, do you wanna fucking fight us?” as the group of three girls and four boys made their way home from a night out at 5th Ave on October 23rd.

The three older men, dressed in full Domino’s uniform, pulled up beside the group on Mabfield Road at around 3.30am.

The “rude” workers then accused the students of smashing the window of Fallowfield pizza shop and even threatened to fight them.

Speaking to The Tab, one girl said they shouted “you’d better fucking come with us”, “shut the fuck up, do you wanna fucking fight us?” and “you’d better fucking sort this out”.


The Domino’s workers apparently targeted the group because they were walking past the shop.

The encounter lasted around five to seven minutes, and almost ended in a fight. Eventually the men gave up.

The group repeatedly stated they did not break the windows – it was a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Upon arriving home shaken up, the partygoers then phoned the branch of Domino’s, who claimed their criteria for finding the window-breakers was simply “people with girls and boys walking past”.

One of the girls spoke exclusively to The Tab about the ordeal.

She said: “We were so much younger than them and it was just ridiculous.

“It was just quite scary, and just a really random and horrible thing. It was just very strange.”

Recalling the incident, she said: “We had just been to one of the takeaway shops to get something to eat.

“This Domino’s car was going really fast down the road. They got out and they were just being really aggressive and really rude.

“They started going ‘yeah you guys cracked our window. There’s a crack in it and you smashed it. What the fuck do you think you’re doing?’”

“They were swearing at us, particularly to me and my friend.”

“They were getting really aggressive and really rude, and it was really scary.”

When asked if this experience had put her off Dominos in future, she said: “Yeah I guess so. It just sort of puts you off because you’ve been made to think you’re in a safe area and they’re professionals.

“We thought they were literally gonna hit one of my friends.”

Asked if there was anything she would like to say to the men, she said: “Yeah, I would say how unprofessional. How ridiculous of you to do that to us.

“It wasn’t even something we’d done – you’re just accusing us of absolute crap.”

“And basically, if you’re gonna act like that and just treat people in that way, then they won’t come back. Simple as that.”

“It was not fun. Not nice at all.”

The Tab contacted the Fallowfield branch of Domino’s, who confirmed that a window had been broken, but were not able to give a statement.

The harassed students did then receive three free pizzas in compensation.