How to: A cracked doll

It’s genuinely scary

You will need:

  • White face paint
  • Black face paint
  • A small brush
  • Red lipstick
  • Lip liner
  • Black mascara
  • Black eyeliner pencil/liquid eyeliner
  • Blusher (optional)

Step 1 – It’s all about the base

You want to make sure you have LOTS of white face paint. It’s up to you how far you want to go down your body, but for this example I’ve just done my face. Get a sponge and but a foundation layer of white paint on, then once this has dried apply another layer. Keep doing this until your face is an even shade of white. Make sure you white out your lips so that when you go over them later to create that china doll heart shaped lip.

Step 2 – Lips

Once you are looking all washed out and faintly dead it’s time to do your lips. The key to a good china doll look is getting heart shaped lips. Everyone will have different shaped lipe so it’s important to white them out when you do the rest of your face, then then draw them on after.

Next you want to find a deep red lipstick to fill out the colour. The best colour for your lips will depend on skin tone, as a ginger I would recommend anyone with pale skin to go for a crimson for best impact.

Next you want to draw on two parallel lines than start at the corners of you mouth that then go straight down. This will give you the look of a puppet doll.

Step 3 – Eyes

The first thing you want to do is apply black mascara to both top and bottom eyelashes. Next apply eyeliner along the bottom lid, and then along the top of your eyelid. Go around your eye with the eyeliner pencil, or liquid eyeliner will work as well, and draw on eyelashes under your eyes. If you want to look extra creepy have a black line coming down from one of your eyesto make it look like you’ve been crying.

Once you’ve done this, apply either black eyshadow of black face paint to your eyelid. The final step to go over your eyebrows. This is more of a necessity if you are fair haired as our eyebrows may have vanished under all the white paint. This means that you are free to shape them as you please.

Step 4 –  Cracks

With a black eyeliner draw out the outline of where you want the big cracks to be, then draw thin spirey lines coming off them as smaller cracks. Once you’ve got the outline paint in the big cracks with black face paint. The darker the cracks, the more realistic they will look.

Step 5- Cheeks

Use blusher is you want to get a more subtle and authentic look for the cheeks, but I’ve just used some of my red lipstick and made cirles on my cheeks to make it look doll like. You may been to go back over the cracks so that they show up over your cheeks.

Final Step: Make sure the cracks look really black and then you are ready to go out into the night. Happy Halloween everyone!