Everybody’s shuffling on Factory’s top floor

From New Order to this

factory house music shuffling

Masses of trendy two-steppers have been piling into Factory’s top floor to compete in “shuffle-offs”. 

Shuffling, a chart house music dance style originating from the 80s has become popular among the young men of Manchester, and is described as “cross between between an Irish jig and a mimed walk over hot coals.”

Now, revellers have been cutting shapes in their thousands on the top floor of Factory – a club once hailed as the pinnacle of the Manchester clubbing scene.

The snapback, a shuffle essential

The snapback, a shuffle essential

Just get there early to avoid the queues...

Just get there early to avoid the queues…

“Shuffle-offs” have been captivating Factory’s sweat induced third floor for the last few months – and it’s become the Mecca of the Manchester  shuffling world.

But many shufflers have found themselves subject to criticisms of other straight-faced revellers.

Joe, a second year Politics and Modern History student said: “I first noticed it happening at the start of summer in Gorilla and I thought that drugs had got the better of their nervous system.

“But it was only when I noticed it happening on a weekly basis at Factory that I realised they were actually doing it on purpose, I’m embarrassed for them.”

But Joe soon found himself personally affected by the opinion-splitting trend. “I recently lost a close friend to the scene and I genuinely feel bereaved. “I turned to my mate in Factory, ready to signal a trip to the crowded bar, when I noticed there was something wrong with his legs, did he need medical attention? I thought, and then I realised he had succumbed to their sleeve-rolled charms.

“I now realise it can happen to anyone.”

"They're awful, I have no words"

“They’re awful, I have no words”

The shuffle-off

A pair of smooth movers

But shufflers themselves are  having the time of their life. Phil, a second year student-turned-shuffler, shuffles every day. He said: “Shuffling and house music seem to go hand in hand, it’s only natural that when I hear house music that I should start shuffling.”

Airing on the side of obsession, the Biology student said: “If it was socially acceptable to shuffle down the street with my iPod in, I happily would.”

He shuffles when he wants

He shuffles when he wants

Love them or loathe them, it looks like the shufflers are here to stay, well, at least until the next dance trend, hopscotch perhaps? Catch it first at a house room near you.