Manchester is NOT Britain’s rainiest city

You can stop saying it now

It might still feel like the dullest, wettest place you’ve ever been to, but Manchester is no longer the rain capital of the UK. 

According to proper Met Office data, Manchester only manages a drizzly 87 cm of rain a year on average.

And it’s Cardiff that now rains supreme – with an average of 115 cm of rainfall every year.



In fact, we didn’t even rank in the top five, coming in at a miserable eight place for wettest cities by average annual rainfall – behind Glasgow, Preston, Huddersfield, Plymouth, Blackpool and Carlisle, who all see more umbrella action.

Cardiff champions are treated to two wet days for every three dry, based on the data from 1981 – 2010.

But Manchester are seen to be climbing up the tables when it comes to rainiest cities by annual average days of rainfall, clocking up around 152 days each year.


But we’re still coming in behind Preston, Huddersfield and Glasgow, who all experience on 170 days a year on average.