Blaze tears through Wellington Road house

Fallowfield student house went up in flames at 1am this morning


Residents of Wellington Road were left terrified when a student house went up in flames in the early hours of this morning.

At around 1am this morning, six students were left distraught and homeless after their house was set ablaze.

An electrical fault in the wiring in the top of the house caused flames to break through the Fallowfield house.

A passing police car spotted flames coming from the top of the house in the early hours of the morning whilst the residents slept unknowingly.

The fire service were contacted immediately and sent crews from Withington and Moss Side to tend to the blaze.

They told The Tab: “The students were unaware of the fire in their home due to the source being in the attic of the house, where there are no smoke alarms.”

The front of the house where the fire tore through

“They were very fortunate that police officers were just passing by and spotted the fire on the front of the house”.

To their luck, the resident of the room at the top of the house was out at the time of the fire, and fortunately, none of the residents gain injuries.

David Poppitt, neighbour to the students said: “I was woken up by the thick smoke, which you could see through my windows”

“The fire services arrived promptly and were outside for about 3 hours whilst they tackled the fire”

“The house was kept in a poor condition, so it is not surprising that there was faulty wiring.”